The Population Factor

"The modern plague of overpopulation is solvable by means we have discovered and with resources we possess. What is lacking is not the sufficient knowledge of the solution, but the universal consciousness of the gravity of the problem for billions of people who are its victims." Martin Luther King quoyte on population ... Key Concepts ... Consumption per capita: (Max. sustainable total consumption / population) x efficiency factor Carrying Capacity: (Max. sustainable total consumption...

False alarms over BNP distract us from main threat

As mainstream politicians justify acts of mass murder in the name of bogus democracy and US control of the world's oil supplies, Joan McAlpine ( "Be wary when fascists try to hide behind racist poison" Herald 29/04/04 ) asks us to focus our attention on a relatively small group of isolationist anti-immigration rightwingers. ... We already have clear laws forbidding harassment, assault or incitement to racial hatred. The true liberal tradition has always distinguished gratuitous offence and intimidation...

Corporate Mercenaries


The LM Gang are back, this time advocating, in a new C4 documentary Britain's Trillion pound Horror Story,  the privatisation of healthcare and education and downsizing of the rest of the public sector to reduce taxes, the national debt and stimulate economic growth.

Metamorphosis of the Labour Party

How the Party of workers came to represent a bunch of non-productive consumers ... Little divided the main political parties in the run-up to the 2010 UK General Election. They all support the supremacy of transnational corporations, the banking cartel and the Euro-American military-industrial complex. The Liberal Democrats and Conservatives may voice their theoretical opposition to some of the grandiose projects championed by New Labour such as the multi-billion pound ID card system, but they remain...


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