All true conservatives are green


I sometimes enjoy Peter Hitchens’  antidote to mainstream trendy Neo-Liberal thinking, but fear he is on some subjects in bad company and a tad ill-informed. No rational person could deny volumes of hard evidence showing the exponential rise in humanity’s collective impact on our planet’s delicate ecosystem, both in terms of our numbers (rising from just 750 million at the start of the industrial revolution to 7 billion now) and our per capita consumption.

Hedonism Ablaze


What a coincidence! Just days after the US administration agreed to raise their country's debt ceiling and let the global consumption party go on for a few more months or maybe years, In London marauding mobs run riot, loot retail outlets and set commercial and residential buildings on fire. Reportedly it all started in Tottenham Hale, North East, on Saturday evening when demonstration against the police shooting of a minicab driver and alleged drug dealer, Mark Duggan, descended into violence, just four miles from my bedsit.

The Bankers are bankrupt and so are we


Today over a hundred thousand demonstrators will descend on Central London to protest against cuts in public spending. I can sympathise for I've joined many similar protests defending the rights of ordinary working people and against wanton waste and wars. Why, they wonder, should ordinary people suffer because politicians and bankers have wasted billions on wars and billionaire bankers continue to reward themselves huge bonuses? Unfortunately many have misdiagnosed the problem.

UK population 'largest in Western Europe by 2050'

Not a problem according to the growthist lobby in the Independent. We need more social workers, teachers, psychiatrists, sales reps, financial advisers, H&S inspectors, diversity managers, builders, imported food, water, fuel and other raw materials, to enable our wonderfully diverse population to go forth and multiply on a small island, itself dependent on a finite planet. Get real, fewer than 1% of the workforce are actually involved in agriculture and food processing, little more directly in...

Shoot-'em-ups are good for you, say researchers

Nonsense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who runs the Independent and who funds research in our universities? The other day we had a piece promoting (gun-toting) Angelina Jolie's charity work. Then we have John Rentoul's pathetic idolatry of a war criminal. Now a piece claiming that fantasising violence 4-6 hours a day is somehow good for you. I'm wise enough to know the arguments of first person shooter addicts off by heart (Me, I'd never hurt a fly, I find these games "cathartic", an adjective repeated ad infinitum in...

Migration cap is 'very damaging', says Cable

"Ooh, I can't think of a good rational argument in favour of the globalisation of labour moving human resources around the planet on short-term contracts, so you know what I'll call my opponents racist". Well, I spot a lobby when I see one. I used to buy the Independent just read good old Robert Fisk and they appeared lukewarm about Bliar's support for the US's oil-motivated occupation of Iraq. Now I read nonsense every day. Numerous articles promoting big pharma and psychiatry. Reviews of violent video...

Get ready for the Big Corporate Takeover of the Web

The Internet is not going to disappear any time soon, at least short of a nuclear holocaust or a world-wide power outage. Big business has simply invested too much money in it to let that happen. What's at stake is the pioneering concept of a free and open network of hyperlinked resources. Media leviathans may feel threatened by You Tube, but they'll learn to work with it. Although server farms and desktop PCs may still produce an annoying hum, they represent a tiny fraction of global electricity...

What is Open Source and why should you care?

Operating systems and productivity software are very much here with us to stay. The millions of person hours invested in the development of the powerful programmes many of us use every day will serve hundreds of millions of users for generations to come. Only five years ago a typical desktop system may have cost as much as £1000, so possibly investing £200 in software may have seemed, relatively speaking, a small price to pay for professionals relying on mission-critical applications. However, when...

The Population Factor

"The modern plague of overpopulation is solvable by means we have discovered and with resources we possess. What is lacking is not the sufficient knowledge of the solution, but the universal consciousness of the gravity of the problem for billions of people who are its victims." Martin Luther King quoyte on population ... Key Concepts ... Consumption per capita: (Max. sustainable total consumption / population) x efficiency factor Carrying Capacity: (Max. sustainable total consumption...

Denying the Effects of Violent Video Games

As a result of the Anti-Terrorism Crime and Security Act the UK government has recently given the police new powers to monitor e-mails and web sites. The pretext is to fight terrorism, political extremism and Internet paedophilia as sensationalised in the mainstream media, but the real purpose is to crack down on subversion. Tabloids spread rumours about paedophiles prowling 10 year olds in chat rooms. While such an invasion of privacy will not stop child abuse, it will curtail the free speech of all but...


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