peak oil

Universal Welfare vs Individual Freedom


Would global corporations bankroll a universal welfare system without seeking to control our lives? Imagine a society that not only provided all your existential needs, but also gave you wide-ranging lifestyle freedoms and did not compel you to hold down a mundane job just to afford the necessities of life.

Why Labour will not bring about a fairer Britain


In less than 5 years, the Labour left seemed to have forgotten the sheer treachery of the last Labour administration. Rather than focus their attention on the real ruling classes sitting in corporate boardrooms or relaxing on Caribbean yachts, they prefer to demonise the bunch of overgrown public school boys and girls in the current governmental management team. You see national governments don’t really have much power these days. Big decisions are made elsewhere.

Ten Trendy Actions which are very bad for the Environment

  1. Economic growth: Once people have clean water, a healthy diet, adequate housing with plumbing and electricity, meaningful employment, access to modern healthcare and a few other essential personal possessions, all additional consumption does very little to improve life expectancy or happiness. Yet our GDP growth drains many finite resources that could be better used by others suffering real poverty or be saved for future generations. Overconsumption, generating vast oceans of rubbish, is currently the biggest threat to our eco-system.

All true conservatives are green


I sometimes enjoy Peter Hitchens’  antidote to mainstream trendy Neo-Liberal thinking, but fear he is on some subjects in bad company and a tad ill-informed. No rational person could deny volumes of hard evidence showing the exponential rise in humanity’s collective impact on our planet’s delicate ecosystem, both in terms of our numbers (rising from just 750 million at the start of the industrial revolution to 7 billion now) and our per capita consumption.

570,000 could join housing waiting lists

Get real, we have already surpassed our long-term carrying capacity. I'm all for technology, but most technologies have limitations and unforeseen adverse effects. We stand at around peak oil, nuclear is no panacea (uranium-rich ore is limited too and storage and safety problems immense). Then we have "peak potable water", "peak fertile topsoil" etc... Allowing the world's population to keep growing is ultimately suicidal. A subtle point you may not have considered it is, technocracy empowers a tiny elite ...

End to compulsory retirement age welcomed

Another myopic unlimited-growthist. Yes i know more people create more demand and thus more jobs, but it's a circular argument. The point is do these jobs create real long-term sustainable wealth, helping to feed and house the remaining population. So what is the UK's carrying capacity? How long can we keep relying on imports and export pollution created by our consumption? Have you considered the effects of peak oil, rising energy prices or do you seriously think a few windmills will power the 4x4 jeeps...

Private: Games review roundup: Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days; Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light; Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World; We Sing Encore

Is this a serious newspaper? Am I alone in abhorring people's obsession with these moronic games? How will historians of the 22nd century view today's 20-something generation? Back in 2010, on the brink of peak oil and towards the end of US hegemony, people would fantasise gunfights. If this unsustainable economic model (grow, grow, grow!!) carries on, those gunfights might become all too real.

Senior Tories pile pressure on Hague over 'foolishness'

I was just trying to think of the major problems facing this country. Debt, over-reliance on imports, energy security, social breakdown, addiction to unsustainable economic growth, shortage of home-grown engineers, climate change, peak oil? Really all these issues pale into insignificance when compared with the burning issue of William Hague's sexual orientation and his fidelity with his wife. Frankly, these are matters for the individuals involved. I don;t know why people assume just because two human...


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