Ubiquitous Assault on the Senses

How will future generations view early 21st century Britain? An age of enlightenment that allowed more women than ever to work, redefined loud arguments as domestic violence, exposed childhood sexual abuse and extended the benefits of prosperity to more people than ever. This is the spin of the neo-liberal media, i.e. you've never had it so good or experienced such a wonderfully fair and harmonious society. Surely you don't want to return to the dark ages when parents routinely spanked their children at the slightest hint of disobedience and women were chained to the proverbial kitchen sink?

Clegg throws it all away

In Mr Rentoul's fantasy world, New Labour stands to the progressive left of the current Tory/LibDem management team. However, whenever they deviate from the party line on neoliberal globalisation, Mr Rentoul doesn't like it. How dare Nick Clegg suggest the oil-motivated invasion of Iraq was illegal? How dare anyone suggest that long-term environment sustainability is more important than short-term profits. NewLabour left this country in a huge mess, Mr Rentoul, with Europe's least sustainable economy, ...

More green ink on Kelly

No because you are sycophant unable to accept that your country commits war crimes for greed and doesn't give a damn about the long term security of its own people, only the profits of large multinationals.

All frontline soldiers 'to get psycho-screening in bid to cut combat stress'

One cannot help but notice all the ads for big pharma's products in the Independent's online edition. That's right: 1) Get a new generation hooked on war-themed fighting games (and rely on your friends in the PR industry to deny any adverse psychological effects). 2) Discourage critical thinking by spreading junk culture..... 3) Deny young people of any meaningful job prospects and bring in more migrants to fill vacancies once occupied by young natives.. 4) Advertise armed forces jobs... 5) Psycho-screen...

Oil firm wins battle to identify chatroom users

Would manipulative oil multinationals seek to stifle free speech? A conspiracy theory surely. Anyone who seriously thinks our benevolent corporate masters have evil intentions is seriously deluded and needs to consult her/his local Stasi official psychiatrist. These hackers are surely evil terrorists, probably racists and almost certainly a threat to our free-market democracy. Let's get back to watching TV, reading popular books, gambling online and playing war-themed video games, like all upstanding...

Kelly had heart attack, says pathologist

Ok, let's call it damage limitation and get the chattering classes to believe a version that is least detrimental to the UK's criminal ruling elite. The Independent's editors know most critically thinking readers (as opposed to those suffering from compulsive social conformity disorder) suspect some MI5/6 or CIA-types assassinated Kelly because he knew too much, having worked in Porton Down, the UK's bio-chemical warfare lab. Also his apparent tacit support for the UK government's stance can be explained...

On sloppy moral analysis and the Blair donation

Your whole argument assumes a war criminal, i.e. one of the prime propagandists for the US-led oil-motivated invasion of Iraq, is entitled to earn such large sums of money. It's obscene. What kind of fool is going to expect any insights from a book written by a man who dismisses the oil motive as a wild Internet conspiracy theory while simultaneously accepting funds from banks and oil multinationals.

Debate with the Restart the War Coalition

Mr Rentoul, your interpretation of George Orwell's notes on Nationalism is flawed and ahistorical. The Iraq war was not between an authoritarian and expansionist Central European superpower and British and French empires, but between a greedy global superpower, centred around the US and UK, and a former British colony, whose leadership had fallen out with the United States. Goebbels exploited humanitarian concerns and national security to justify annexation of the Sudetenland and interwar Polish corridor. ...

Debate with the Restart the War Coalition

As you well know, Blair was a poodle, a mere middle manager and public relations officer for conglomerate of vested corporate and military interests. His electoral success was engineered and the alternative, the Tories, hardly appealing to most informed citizens. So which policies did Labour Supporters approve of? Deregulating gambling? Outsourcing industry? Dumbing down our kids and creating a generation of misfits. Expanding surveillance? Invading foreign countries? Lying about the real reasons for war? ...

“Vision, courage and compassion”

Thanks for admitting the obvious... They didn't do it for oil, but oil was part of it. The real standoff will be between China and US with Iran acting as a proxy. No doubt, you'll be supporting gay liberation as an excuse for war. Besides what evidence do you have that Blair and his ilk are vaguely interested in real democracy? What kind of debates has his party had on Iraq or any other substantive matters? All they had were sermons from the party's spinmeisters and the toleration of a few "maverick" ...


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