Restrepo: Is this the greatest war film ever?

Self-righteousness knows no bounds. The last time I visited a bookstore 1/2 of the books in the history were dedicated to WW2 and most extremely one-sided, good guys and bad guys. Anyway official figures clearly show UK arms expenditure rose sharply as early as 1935 under the National Government (with over 500 seats) of Stanley Baldwin. I very much doubt the UK would have declared war over the Soviet/Nazi partition of Poland if they had not been assured that US would enter that war within two years. The American administration just waited for Nazis to humiliate France and the head east. Indeed according to statistics in Gabriel Kolko's a century of War, Germany continued to spend a smaller proportion of its GDP of armaments than the UK, who of course still had a huge empire to maintain. As for Yugoslavia, you should know better. The country was deliberately destabilised. The UK could end up that way too in the event of a complete economic meltdown. We'd have running battles between unemployed Eastern European immigrants and second generation Asians. Violence is sick, pure and simple. I would never trust any greedy empire to enforce its peace. War films serve mainly to perpetuate the myth of just war. There's only one war worth fighting and that's against greed, yet all US/UK wars have been ultimately motivated by greed.

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