Yet more reasons why the Iraq war was right

Why does the Independent give this guy a platform to spout such utter nonsense. In 50 years no reputable historian will look back at this war as an act of humanitarian intervention. All will see it in the context of depleting OIL and as a proxy for control thereof with China. Come on Mr Rentoul, if you think you are so bright, debate it live on the Web. Address the real issues... Why would a superpower consuming over 25% of the world's oil supply and in whose currency oil is traded, intervene to stop another superpower, China, from concluding deals with one of the US's former vassal states (Iraq) surrounded by two other oil-rich states? Need an answer? Look no further than the March 2010 Deep Horizon oil spill. Because extracting oil from closer to home is expensive and fraught with environmental dangers..

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