Shoot-'em-ups are good for you, say researchers

Nonsense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Who runs the Independent and who funds research in our universities? The other day we had a piece promoting (gun-toting) Angelina Jolie's charity work. Then we have John Rentoul's pathetic idolatry of a war criminal. Now a piece claiming that fantasising violence 4-6 hours a day is somehow good for you. I'm wise enough to know the arguments of first person shooter addicts off by heart (Me, I'd never hurt a fly, I find these games "cathartic", an adjective repeated ad infinitum in the gaming press) . Some even claim they only get aggressive when others suggest their games are vile.The country is in social meltdown. Millions are glued to screens, mesmerised by a virtual reality (gaming, gambling, facebooking) that has almost completely taken over their lives, only to be diagnosed with a new range of personality disorders which the psychiatric lobby claim always existed but was somehow under-reported.Violence is sick. Full stop. If you enjoy fantasising violence and cannot survive without your daily fix of "Kill the Enemy 4" or "Murder Thy Neighbour 7", then you are sick.Sorry, but I still believe in "Make Love Not War"....

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