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Houses, cars and human beings pollute. We need countryside to provide us with fresh air. Poland, Ireland, Hungary, France etc... all have significantly lower population densities, but plenty of arable land. We are on the verge of financial meltdown and may soon not be able to import food and other goods in exchange for frivolous financial services. Believe me, we need every square inch of countryside, either for growing food or to generate fresh oxygen and absorb human pollution.
The only major countries in the world with population densities approaching ours are Indonesia (Java), Bangladesh, Northern India and the Netherlands. However, all these regions are either experiencing limits to growth and/or have even more fertile land than we do. Remember your statistics include Scotland, Wales and Northern England with much less fertile land. The population is growing fastest in the South East of England and any temporary excess population (which is likely to move when the government goes bankrupt) should be accommodated in high-density urban areas where public transport is much more feasible.

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I disagree that we need more countryside. We need to use land more efficiently. As I have said below, If we built on redundant farmland, we would have a country that would be 15% developed with 85% of the countryside still uninhabited.

So you do not eat, drink water or breathe.... Whether you like it or not, the very lifeblood of our species comes from countryside. We need more not less farmland. What I meant is "London's is made habitable by the existence of greenbelt. If you destroy it, you will just have an even bigger mess, more cars, roads, supermarkets etc...". How many more Libyas do not want to invade to sustain our unsustainable population?

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The UK population lives in under a tenth of the land in England, Wales and Scotland. Less than 10% of England is urban, suburban, or exurban. More than 90% has landscape or heritage designation. People are not free to build on even redundant farmland.

Local authority areas are developed by less than 10%.

The freedom to build on any redundant farmland without need for Environmental or Countryside Stewardship Schemes would provide plenty of land to build on for the growing population of Britain.

And London is barely habitable precisely because it is surrounded by land that we cannot build on. Remove the Greenbelt and we will not have a wasteland, we will have homes to live in.

and import all food, while self-righteously condemning the Brazilians for clearing the Amazon rainforest... More houses means more people, more roads, more cars, more electricity, more oil, more demand for potable water. London is barely habitable because it's surrounded greenbelt. Remove it, and you create a wasteland... And just what is the carrying capacity of the South East of England?

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Abolish the Green Belt.  Abolish planning permission by repealing the Town and Country Planning Act. These travellers have the right idea. We need homes, not countryside.
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