The world prays for an economic miracle

The world, if she let us know her true feelings about the way our species treats her, would pray for us to stop depredating her resources and monopolising delicate ecosystems that took millions of years to evolve.
Keynsian economists, on the other hand, are not the world, but may indeed be praying for a miracle to save their dream of eternal growth. They hope that by pumping more virtual cash into the economy to drive up consumer demand and boost profits, while turning a blind eye to the rather obvious environmental limits to growth. Most economists are also technically illiterate. They seem to think we can import food and water from somewhere else or transition from oil to nuclear power at the drop of a hat without considering risks.
For those who care about the long term future of our species (rather than a short term increase in numbers), more economic growth is not just bad, but suicidal. The more aggregate consumption grows, the sooner we will run out of the non-renewable resources our economy needs (oil, gas, coal, iron, uranium, lithium etc). We need to power down for the sake of our grandchildren and avoid the inevitable escalation of resource wars and internecine conflicts if we don't.
A true miracle would be for the likes of Ben Chu to admit. "I was wrong, growth is a bad idea, let's learn to live within our means".

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