Forced marriage could become crime

Interestingly many newcomers are very keen consumers. Moving people from a relatively low consumption region to a junk addict nation like the UK is bad news for humanity's future on this planet.

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greed and consumerism are expanding...

Have you been to London recently? Ever considered how long the city would last if the rest of the world imposed an embargo. Whether newcomers are legal or illegal is actually rather immaterial. The fact is we have a limited carrying capacity and have to learn to live within our means, set a good example of environmentally sustainable development, stop exploiting the resources of other countries via phoney humanitarian wars and look after people already here. There is a never ending flow of would-be immigrants. Let's admit it! Globalisation has failed.
Cameron's rhetoric is aimed at middle England, who feel rather squeezed. Big business and sections of the upper middle class have done rather well out of a steady flow of enthusiastic workers from Eastern Europe. Ordinary British workers, including descendants of post-WW2 immigrants, have fared much worse. Economic growth is neither desirable nor feasible. We should strive for community cohesion. The best way to help people in poor countries is to consume LESS and grow more locally...

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Illegal immigrants aren't the problem, they only account for a few thousand people unless you're a Daily Mail troglodyte. Many of them are being wrongly refused asylum and refugee status anyway. Even moreso now with a right-wing Fascist government like the Tories. 

The EU is the problem. It's draining our economy, taking jobs away and exploiting people from Eastern Europe for cheap labour here. We need out of that money pit. We never wanted in it in the first place. A referendum would overwhelmingly decide to leave the EU. There are no jobs for school-leavers to climb the employment ladder anymore; the natural progression that had always existed before we joined it. They've been left to rot on the bread-line.

Herr Cameron will do nothing about the EU MP retirement home; nothing. To leave it we would see our economy grow as more people per head would be in employment here. Anyone who thinks that Europe wouldn't trade with a UK out of the EU is delusional.
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