Further round of quantitative easing possible

Someone was trying to explain to me how we could grow the economy without boosting aggregate consumption. I think it's called inflation. One thing is for sure the Chinese and Indians do not need our banking, media and consultancy services. So if even more virtual cash is injected into the economy, where will it end up? Will it just be squandered on imports making this country even less self-sufficient? Will it be gobbled up by bankers and fraudsters happy to cash in on a temporary upsurge in demand for 60" plasma TV screens and booze trips to Ibiza? Whichever way, it's just abstract numbers that must be translated into real things we need? So to those who think growth can just go on? How many Libyas do we have to liberate to sustain millions of motorists driving around a maze of motorways and office complexes? Or maybe infinite growth was just a very bad idea?

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