Across the world, the indignant rise up against corporate greed and cuts

The cuts are a joke because most public sector workers are just pen-pushers or rather mouse-clickers. Only a small minority are employed in frontline support. We need to cut consumption, plan for stability and greater self-sufficiency, rather than relying on the proceeds of the predatory media / banking / hot air services sector to subsidise mass consumption. It will be tough, but very necessary. People need food, clean water, houses, but above all dignity and self-respect that can only come from living within one's means rather than playing in a global casino.

Outside Scandinavia, Germany and the Netherlands, few other countries in the world have such a generous social welfare promoting a culture of entitlement. We need to stop thinking what is good for business short term, and start thinking how we are going to look after our communities long term. As the balance of power shifts from the US and Western Europe to China and India, and as more budding hyper-consumers fight over diminishing non-renewable resources, expect state largesse as experienced in the 60s and 70s to be a distant memory. If you want to be debt slaves, vote for unsustainable spending. Otherwise, take responsibility and start thinking how we can live together on this small island without relying on imports we can ill-'afford. BTW the Chinese DO NOT need our banking server and sooner or later Indians won't need our English-medium education as wealthy Brits will be sending their offspring to do BSc's in Bangalore. The US Empire is in decline. Get used to it.

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