On The Laws of Probability

Every day we experience hundreds of near misses, accidents waiting to happen unless we take the right precautions and pay constant attention to all potential dangers. Yet the human brain can only actively focus on one event at a time, switching our attention to monitor the progress of other concomitant events. Some of us can switch between events better than others, but then some key tasks require much more intense concentration.

Ubiquitous Assault on the Senses


How will future generations view early 21st century Britain? An age of enlightenment that allowed more women than ever to work, redefined loud arguments as domestic violence, exposed childhood sexual abuse and extended the benefits of prosperity to more people than ever. This is the spin of the neo-liberal media, i.e. you've never had it so good or experienced such a wonderfully fair and harmonious society.

More green ink on Kelly

No because you are sycophant unable to accept that your country commits war crimes for greed and doesn't give a damn about the long term security of its own people, only the profits of large multinationals.

The lower level of the fourth dimension

Here is a summary of the myths Mr Rentoul would like us to believe: 1) We have a model democracy and an objective and free media independent of corporate and state influence 2) Neoliberal media outlets never distort the truth 3) Only recalcitrant anti-globalisation forces commit heinous crimes 4) The UK has an infinite carrying capacity 5) Most people disagreeing with the above need psychiatric help 6) As I have a very cushy job at a major UK newspaper and often on the telly as an expert, I am always...

How Journalism Works, pt 102

Well, Blair's friends in big business have benefited from NewLabour's relaxations of advertising restrictions to persuade desperate debt-ridden Brits (given loans during New Labour's consumer spending boom) to part with their gold. Germans on the hand, not only subsidise the rest of Europe and pay reparations for the crimes of a past regime, but actually manage to save rather than squander their cash on 60" plasma TV screens.

Restrepo: Is this the greatest war film ever?

That is a rather silly comment. You have accepted that violence is a normal and inevitable part of human nature that cultural progress will never overcome and at the same time you have restated my point by offering justification for violence. Sure if you call your enemies Nazis, paedoes or terrorists, you can always justify violence. Nonetheless, unlike NuLab, I do believe in the right to self-defence, but would never see momentary defensive action as a form of entertainment. Have you never heard of the...

Conspiracy Theory Slur

act of working in secret to obtain some goal, usually understood with negative connotations. ... Conspiracy (crime) and conspiracy (civil), an agreement between two or more persons to break the law at some time in the future ... Conspiracy (political), a plot to overthrow a government or other powers ... Conspiracy theory, attempts to explain the cause of an event as a secret, and often deceptive, plot by a covert alliance ... Many defenders of orthodoxy can simply shrug off all challenges ...

Shameless Celebrity Promotion of Personality Disorders

Letter to the Independent (on Sunday) ... Judging from the Independent on Sunday's feature on Stephen Fry's high-profile outing as a bipolar-defined person, we can look forward to a new season of personality disorder awareness raising. If we believe the hype, until the mid 1990s human beings labelled with the new generation of behavioural disorders lived in the dark ages condemned to a life deprived of media-filtered awareness of their plight, a burgeoning support and counselling sector and a new range...

Today's Hate Hour

" Today we're dedicating our hate hour to an evil man, suffering from a chronic psychopathic sexual disorder. He deserves only contempt and should bury himself under the nearest rock. This man was caught viewing paedophiliac images on the Internet. We don't have any evidence linking him to real-life sex crimes, but are in no doubt that anyone casting their malevolent eyes on images deemed paedophiliac will sooner or later commit such a crime. It is imperative that we apply the preventive principle to avert ...

We Care about those who disagree

Samantha Stasy is a loyal Labour MP who genuinely cares about the physical, emotional and mental wellbeing of her constituents. Every week she holds a surgery providing local electors with a forum in which to air their grievances. " I believe it is essential to stay in touch with our electors, listen carefully and help them overcome their problems or refer them to professionals who can ." ... Samantha: " Hello, Mrs Contrary, I've read your e-mail, taken on board all your comments and fully sympathise...


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