limits to growth

UK population 'largest in Western Europe by 2050'

May I introduce you to the concept of carrying capacity and limits to growth. Economics cannot ultimately be separated from the environment. If economic growth destroys the environment and leads to overdependence on resources produced in other parts of the world, then will be at the mercy of whichever dominant multinationals or superpowers pull the strings. In the coming century, that will be China....

Globalitis: Why Economic Migration is not always Good News

This Wednesday's Independent (UK edition, 26/07/06) ran a front page story spilling over to page two under the heading “ Outstanding: Official Verdict on school that shows the success of immigration ”. It featured a fabulous inner London primary school with twenty six pupils and twenty six languages, all apparently excelling academically and growing up bilingual in a dynamic multicultural setting of tolerance and mutual understanding. With pictures of such charming and talented children, how...

Corporate Mercenaries


The LM Gang are back, this time advocating, in a new C4 documentary Britain's Trillion pound Horror Story,  the privatisation of healthcare and education and downsizing of the rest of the public sector to reduce taxes, the national debt and stimulate economic growth.

Migration Myth Busting

It looks like the globalist growth lobby has been busy copying and pasting its Migration Myths all over government-sponsored Websites and many run by spurious NGOs. Hint if someone is providing information free of charge in a glossy format, it's probably not very reliable. As always first-hand fact finding goes a long. I live in a small single room in London, am not entitled to housing benefit as I have a job and my kids do not live with me. I've visited many former council estates around Inner London...


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